What People Are Saying About Beyond Belief

“In a world that seeks to avoid suffering at all costs—certainly an impossible goal—Kyle Campbell leads us on a journey to embrace suffering as a means for discovering one’s purpose. This counterintuitive approach to life is honest, real, and ultimately hopeful. We discover through Kyle’s story of living life with a rare brain stem tumor that suffering is normative to the human condition and pursuing the ‘why’ of suffering leads to a dead end street. His reflections as to how God uses suffering to shape us into the persons God wants us to become are surprising, biblical, Jesus-centered, and full of ancient wisdom.

If you suffer, and all people eventually do, read this book to trade in your ‘why questions’ for the better path of growth, purpose, and joy through God’s redemptive work in and through suffering. Kyle shows us the way.”

— Charles Revis, D. Min.

Executive Minister, Mission Northwest

“Kyle Campbell has authored an exceptional book that brings deeper meaning in pursuing our faith and purpose in life. He opens our eyes to the medical aspects of disability and the human experience in transcending life’s barriers to move forward and focus on…now what?

Campbell challenges us to avoid the ‘why me’ question and answer to a higher calling: Each day we are alive, that is one less day we have to live on earth—to build a legacy, to leave an impact. How do we spend our time? Does it align with our values? More importantly, does it align with God’s values? When asked to give an account of our lives, what are we going to say?

Kyle provides the tools to help us answer these questions and many more. No matter what season of life you are in—this book was written for you.”

— Dr. Steven Koobatian

President, Vocational Designs, Inc.

Faculty, California State University, Fresno

“If you are struggling now with any kind of physical disability, this book is a must-read for you! Kyle's testimony of how he overcame his disability will inspire you to carry on and most of all to turn to God and Jesus Christ to help you adapt and overcome your disability!

I have known Kyle all his life. I have seen and heard about all his struggles over the years starting with the fireplace burn, then his brain stem tumor, and many others. In reading his book I am amazed by how Kyle has adapted and survived his many physical and emotional challenges.

Most of all I admire Kyle for moving from trying to figure everything out with logic to relying on and trusting God and Jesus Christ to strengthen him and lead him.”

— Patrick Montgomery, PhD

“Kyle has opened up my eyes and my heart to my own personal and spiritual struggles. His book answered the questions I’ve fought for many years to answer. Kyle’s inspiring experiences allowed me to see through my own son’s lens and past his disability. It is a book I wish to gift to my son when he gets older so that he can overcome the barriers and obstacles of his disability through hope and the knowledge that anything is possible with God!

This book is fascinating, informative, and suspenseful. A perfect resource for just about anything, but most importantly, for anyone looking for hope. Kyle is living proof that God keeps his promises and God promises that he will never leave us nor forsake us.”

— Yee Z. Lee

Beyond Belief is an uplifting account of determination, grit, and overcoming overwhelming odds. Kyle Campbell speaks directly to his experiences of living with an inoperable brain tumor, but his story doesn't just apply to those with a similar diagnosis. No matter what you are facing in life, Kyle's faith, hope, and perseverance are sure to inspire you. His story tangibly proves the hope found in Jesus, a hope that is available to everyone!”

— Melissa Moore

On-Air Radio Host, Spirit Radio in Visalia

Beyond Belief is Kyle Campbell’s vivid account of dealing with the disability and treatment of a brain tumor which was diagnosed when he was five years old. Kyle tells his story in a straightforward, almost matter of fact style. It reflects the growing spiritual maturity of Kyle and his family and their willingness to submit to the medical protocols of world class physicians, and to trust Christ.

Jesus’ spirit is reflected in Kyle and in his book. This is a book about what Christ can do in a life surrendered to him. Read it and give it to the person you know who needs help and hope to deal with a chronic illness, a failing marriage, or other catastrophe. Kyle’s testimony in Beyond Belief will encourage them.”

— Harry Wood

Pastor Emeritus, Visalia Methodist Church

“Kyle has given a direct look into living life, not only with a disability, but also living the best life with the Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone who reads this book will be challenged to live life to his or her full potential. Kyle has inspired me to an even greater desire to live daily with joy. In this book, he offers insightful ideas on how anyone can start living that life today!

I have known Kyle since he was a newborn and his family is dear to my heart. My wife and I were honored to have him as our ring bearer in our wedding. As Kyle was healing from the awful burn to his left hand, I was recovering from an almost fatal motorcycle accident which left my arm paralyzed. Like Kyle, I have struggled, but that wasn’t the end of the narrative. I now live with a permanent disability, but have overcome it with my Savior. Having experienced my own life-altering events, Kyle’s book really hit home with me. And I too, can truly say that with God, all things are possible!”

— Jeffrey S. Ellis, MA Theology

Pastor, Landmark Missionary Baptist Church